Promotion and Detention

Any students who fail in the Promotion Examination of class XI shall not be re-admitted. The overall performances of a student in the various school examinations will be reviewed before the issue of admit cards for the Class XI Promotion Examination and the Higher Secondary Examination every year. Those who do not pass the School examinations and specially the Pre-Council Examination will be screened out and they may be debarred from appearing the Promotion/Higher Secondary Examination as the case may be. Such students will not be issued Admit Cards for these examinations. Students who fail in the Class XII Examination conducted by the Council may be given chance for re-admission only once in the next session as a regular student if they so desire.

Progress report

1)      The academic performance and progress of every student is monitored continuously.

2)      Any student who is either irregular in attendance or who performs poorly in school exams will be counselled by teachers. Parents of such students may be invited to the school for proper understanding of the child’s problem and also to discuss about the ways and means for overall improvement in his or her academic performance.