School Library

The School has a spacious air conditioned Library where Text Books, Reference books, News papers, Periodicals are made available. The Library has a good number of CD-ROMs on educational titles for class room demonstration and group discussion.
The following Library norms are followed:
1. Library cards are issued to the students.
2. Only one book will be issued at a time to a bonafide student.
3. Any defect of the book like missing of pages, deformation, damages etc. should be checked and reported to the Librarian at the time of issuing of book.
4. Books should not be retained more than one week from the date of issue of the book.
5. Any damages caused to the library book should be compensated by the students concerned by paying fine to be fixed by the Librarian.
6. Newspaper, Periodicals are not allowed to be taken out of the library.
7. Any students who fails to return library books or fails to clear fines shall be debarred from appearing 2nd Semester Exam.