A beautifully designed school cafeteria with standard amenities has been constructed and it is functional from June 2004. It has a sitting capacity of about 60 persons at a time. The cafeteria is meant to provide hygienic and nutritious food items at an affordable price during school hours.
Rules and Regulations
1. Every student should maintain strict discipline and behave decently inside and outside the School. Students are advised to keep a clean hair-cut.
2. Students must bring school identity cards daily while coming to school.
3. If a student loses identity card/prospectus the same should be reported to the Principal in writing and duplicate copy should be obtained on payment of necessary fees.
4. Indiscipline, insubordination, disrespect to any teacher or staff member by the student is punishible.
5. Students are strictly prohibited from consuming intoxicants and also from indulging in bad habits like smoking, chewing pans, taking tobacco, talab etc. Any student found indulging in such habits is liable to be expelled from the school.
6. Shouting/singing in and around the school building is strictly prohibited.
7. Any person including parent/guardian cannot see a student without the prior permission of the Principal.
8. Students must keep the School Building neat and clean. For any damage to the school property, a fine commensurate with the extent of damage shall be imposed on the student responsible for it.
9. Students caught copying in any of the examinations at the school shall not be allowed to continue his/her studies in the school.
10. Bunking from class or leaving the school premises during the school hours without the knowledge of the authority is strictly prohibited. Any such person shall be duly punished.
11. Use of Mobile Phone by the students inside the School Campus is strictly prohibited.
12. Attending school by riding 2 or 4 wheelers is strictly prohibited. They may however be dropped by the guardians.