Synchro School Program (SSP)

Synchro School Programme (SSP)

The Synchro School Programme(SSP) is a well-structured programme for students of Class XI and XII wherein they are being trained both for Council Exam and competitive exams like NEET and JEE during their course of study at the school. Parents are advised to discuss thoroughly and carefully with their wards before choosing the subject combination.

Admission to Synchro School Program (SSP):

Selection of students for SSP will be based on marks scored in Entrance Test and Grading of Class X Board Exam. Securing a minimum of 45% in Entrance Test of Herbert School will be the criteria for admission to the Synchro School Program for students other than those granted Direct Admission.

Direct Admission to SSP may be given to students who fall under Direct Admission category.

SSP Course Fee:

Students enrolled in Synchro School Program have to pay a sum of Rs. 27,000/- only per annum for study materials, Test Series etc. at the time of admission to Class XI and Class XII.

More About Synchro School Programme (SSP)

Herbert School is offering Synchro School Program for super-achievers from the academic session 2015-16. Synchronising success in competitive examinations like JEE & NEET with good performance in Council Exam is the bench mark of Synchro School Program. This program covering a span of 2 years developed by Herbert School in academic partnership with Allen Career Institute (DLP), Kota is a revolutionary approach for competitive exam preparation, which surpasses all the known formats of coaching. In the Synchro classes, students are prepared for Competitive Examinations like JEE & NEET along with Council Exam during the school hours and within the school premises. This provides ample opportunity for self-study which ultimately leads to crystal clear concepts. This approach ensures a stress free learning environment and a dual advantage for majority of the students to excel in competitive examination in the first attempt and at the same time to achieve good results in the school/Council exams.

 Distinctive Features of SSP

1.      Synchro School Program is only for students offering Course I & II.

2.      Course Materials are provided by Allen Career Institute (DLP), Kota.

3.      Regular Allen Test Series conducted as per the schedule of the Allen Career institute (DLP).

          i)   The Tests are of many types. These are Unit Test (UT), Review Test (RT), Major Full Syllabus Test (MFT), All India Open Test (AIOT), Section Test 1-XI Class Syllabus Test, Section Test 2 Class XII Syllabus Test, Leader Test series (LTS), Achiever Test Series (ATS), Major Test series (MTS)

          ii)    The frequency of the tests will be generally twice in a month.

4.      Question Analysis of every exam held is done on the following days.

5.      More number of classes on Science subjects per day.

Crash Course Program for NEET and JEE

         A crash course Program is arranged in a well planned manner for a period of 45-50 days for Class-XII students of the school towards the end of Higher Secondary Examination so as to provide preparatory skill and technique for NEET/JEE. SSP students are given the opportunity to derive maximum benefit out of this intensive and comprehensive study module framed by trained teachers of Herbert School. Power point presentation highlighting the unit wise weightage, chapter wise question analysis followed by Test Series and full syllabus All India Test Series are the main features of the Crash Course Program. No extra fee is charged for this crash course.